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01/01/2019 Ravishankar
  Happy new year to chennai event team. My appreciations to you for the fantastic service of compiling the details of carnatic concerts happening in Chennai each day. It is very useful to us. My very sincere gratitude to each one of you behind this service. Wishing you fantastic year ahead.

24/07/2018 L.Raghavan
  A good development in your announcement details i observe. Today i observe that you have provided the venue details, contact details so that it is now easier for new comers to speak to the organisers and reach the venues comfortably. Thank you. All the best

23/07/2018 Sairam
  Thank you very much for meticulously e-mailing the Chennai Event Guide everyday.

26/12/2017 Vivekananda Sharma
  Highly useful and it has become a ready reckoner for Music,, Discourse and , Namasankeerthan lovers. Thank u . u deserve full credit for bringing out suh a time table and planner.

04/12/2017 Ranjan Kumar
  This is just what I was looking for. Simple & informative.

03/12/2017 Jayashreeajit
  Great job. Thank you for the entire team who are behind this great invention.

22/11/2017 Roopa Shastry
  Thanks for this service provided to all Artists of the Carnatic music community.

20/11/2017 Charu Ranga
  Very nice to hear u r doing such a nice job.

18/11/2017 karpagavalli
  very useful site. covering most of the programs. keep it up.

18/11/2017 Gomathi
  Sure this is a novel idea and will be handy guide to us music lovers... All the best... !!

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